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The Best Casino Resorts from Spain

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The inside of the Casino Castell de Peralada is a combination of medieval culture and gambling culture representative of the 20th century

Around the world, Spain is best known for its amazing wine, classic dances, and highly competitive football games. But, this European country is also known for its great tourist locations and gorgeous landscapes. Tourism is a well-developed industry in Spain but, there is one category of attractions that tourists are not as aware of, the Casino Resorts.

Spain might not be best known for its Casino Resorts but, it does have a handful of casinos that make up for great tourist attractions since they blend amazingly with the landscapes around them, representing the Spanish history and culture in a great way.

Casino Castell de Peralada

This casino has a unique story behind since it is placed on the location of an old castle. The Peralada Castle was the home of the medieval dynasty of the viscounts of Peralada until the French invasion happened when the castle was destroyed in 1280. Afterward, a new castle was built in the 13th century and the building is now the home of this Casino Resort.

The inside of the Casino Castell de Peralada is a combination of medieval culture and gambling culture representative of the 20th century. The casino has old-looking paintings on the rock walls, surrounded by slots, gaming tables, and other casino games. The resort is located in the medieval village of Peralada in Catalonia, and it has to give a lot more than just a medieval-looking casino.

On the premise of the resort, players can also have a meal at the Peralada Restaurant that has a similar medieval design as the casino, take a break golfing, or go to the museum and library to learn more about the history of this place.

Gran Casino Sardinero

This casino, same as the previous one, has an aspect that faithfully represents Spain’s values and culture. In the same place of this resort, initially was located another casino that had been very popular in the area, a favorite place of the royalties and aristocrats. Unfortunately, the initial building got demolished in the 1890s after a fire.

In 1916 the current Gran Casino Sardinero opened, becoming the best and most popular casino from Santander, Cantabria. The city itself is a great tourist location hosting some amazing medieval-looking buildings, the Gran Casino Sardinero being just one of them.

This Casino Resort is a great place for entertainment since, besides the casino games people can enjoy, on the premise of the resort there’s also a hotel, a restaurant, numerous bars and a showroom known for its art exhibitions. Within the casino, the most popular games are roulette and blackjack but, people can also play slots similar to the ones found at the Slotpark Casino, or poker.

Casino Gran Vía

The Casino Gran Vía is a Casino Resort located in the capital of Spain, Madrid, and it is one of the most popular and most luxurious casinos in the country. The casino has a classic look and a history that dates back decades, along with a reputation that they must be held high, a reason why there’s a minimum dress code to enter the casino, a jacket, and a tie.

The casino has some well-thought gambling rooms. Players can enjoy their favorite gambling activities, whichever they are, thanks to a large number of games found in this casino resort. There’s Sports Bar where people can watch the games and make bets representative for the Spanish lifestyle since sports are an intrinsic part of this country’s personality.

Players also have the possibility to entertain themselves at the numerous slots, poker rooms, various versions of roulette, or even join tourneys. Moreover, on the premise of the Casino Resort, there are numerous restaurants and bars, all of them maintaining a similar classic look and aristocratic feel.


Spain is a generous tourist location thanks to all of the amazingly looking landscapes and historical buildings. As part of these tourist attractions are the numerous Casino Resorts that are maintaining a higher level of luxury and entertainment.

Spain has numerous other great casinos worth checking but, the three ones mentioned above deserved to make it on our list the most thanks to their captivating history and eye-catching designs.

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